Inspiring the growth of young people as creators, communicators and active participants in our ever-changing world

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The Art Ranch is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization that offers children and family programs in the Arts, Bioscience, Wellness, and Sustainable Living.

Our mission is to foster the growth of young people as creators, communicators, and active participants in our ever changing world.

Our plans are to expand our Art and Music departments and build an in depth Sustainable Living component as well as create a new integrated Bioscience program

Our goal is to creative a fun educational environment for the Arts, Science, Wellness, and Sustainability for future generations  .  .  .  a model for our time. 

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PO Box 85, 44828 Tyler Creek Dr, California Hot Springs, CA 93207
Phone - (661) 548-6500

The Art Ranch is a 501 ( 3 ) C educational, nonprofit organization
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