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The Art Ranch is dedicated to creating an Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Program as a sustainable ongoing program that explores the best ways to nurture health and wellness, preserve our natural resources and support our local communities.

This unique program incorporates and explores all sources of holistic nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. By blending ancient American Indian earth wisdom with contemporary health and science this program helps realign our understanding of what creates true nutrition and wellbeing. The foundations of the program are: Traditional and Whole Food Education, Cooking Creations, Energy and Body Movement, Kitchen Gardens, Mindfulness and the Earth, Ongoing Mentoring Program.

Traditional and Whole Food Education

  • Explore the history of the Western Diet of refined foods and the subsequent effect on health and wellbeing
  • Study the traditional foods local to the area such as acorns, seaweed, wild turnips, choke cherries, etc, as well as herbs and medicines
  • Learn the role of fasting and cleansing in the American Indian tradition
  • Learn sustainable harvesting techniques
  • Study raw and living whole foods and their health benefits
  • Field trips for identifying and harvesting foods and herbs
  • Educational films and Guest Speakers

Energy and Movement
Daily exercises blending Tai Chi, yoga and breath work to boost the body’s immunity, flexibility and strength.

Cooking Creations

  • Cook and create traditional and non-traditional recipes
  • Raw and living food recipes and preparation
  • Food preparation and preserving; the use of VitaMix blender, dehydrators, canning methods and freezing
  • Adult Camps included specifically designed Detox programs

Ongoing Energy Nutrition Program allows the students to bring home the healthy principles and practices that they learned at The Art Ranch and share it with their family and friends. This program is complete with recipe book and mentoring guide along with a permaculture guide for the kitchen.

"The Art Ranch begins to educate students in the joys of healthful eating by its nutritious menus and student created recipes that will be used to build “The Art Ranch Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Book.”

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